Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy

At Starting Smart, our physical therapists focus on functional movement, functional strength and optimizing independence for your child. Though a highly trained eye, evidence-based and hands on techniques, Starting Smart teaches your child how to safely move and interact with their environment to the best of their ability and empowers families to incorporate these techniques into their daily routine.

Physical therapy helps children develop muscle strength, balance, posture, flexibility and motor control of their larger gross motor skills to safely negotiate in their environment and achieve developmental milestones. Using alignment and therapeutic techniques combined with a play-based approach, our physical therapists teach your child how to sit, crawl, stand, walk, run, climb, balance and jump. With a strong emphasis on education and family training, Starting Smart offers individualized treatments for each child and family to incorporate therapy into your child’s daily routine.

We work with parents and children to address the following conditions:

The following techniques are used through therapy sessions:

Developmental Conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Cerebral palsy
Developmental delay
Difficulty with walking, sitting, standing, crawling, stair climbing
Frequent falls and difficulty balancing
Gait abnormality
Genetic syndromes
Toe walking
And other developmental conditions

Neurological Conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Brain injury
Cerebral Palsy
Coordination Dysfunction
Genetic Conditions / Syndromes
Down’s Syndrome
High/Low Muscle Tone
Motor planning / Motor coordination disorder
Neurological disorders
Spina Bifida
Vestibular dysfunction / visual perceptual difficulties
And many more

Orthopedic Conditions

Club foot
Decreased range of motion / Contractures
Gait abnormalities (difficulty walking)
Hip dysplasia
Muscle weakness
Post-op bone break / Severe sprain
Muscle Dystrophy / SMA
Post-op bone break / severe sprain
Toe walking
Other orthopedic concerns

Family training
NDT/ handling
Muscle strengthening
Range of motion/ stretching
Endurance training
Gait training (walking training)
Balance training
Developmental positions
Adaptive equipment if appropriate
Modified carrying positions, adjustments to set up of car seat, high chair etc
Functional mobility

Wellness Consultation


Starting Smart offers FREE consultations. We work around your schedule because we understand that therapy sessions are most effective when the entire family is involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Starting Smart accept my insurance?

Starting Smart is an in-network provider with Blue Cross and Blue Shield and we work with all major insurance companies. Please contact us at with inquiries regarding insurance.

What does a physical therapy session entail?

A physical therapist will come to your house, work with your child, have you practice the activities and ensure you understand how to correctly do each activity with your child, answer questions and discuss how to incorporate these activities into your daily routine, write a note and confirm the next scheduled appointment. Each session will be approximately 60 minutes.

My child did not qualify for the Illinois Early Intervention program but I would like to get physical therapy services for my child. Can Starting Smart help me?

Absolutely! We are credentialed Illinois Early Intervention Providers and Evaluators but we also see children privately. We will work with you to figure out which option will work best for your child and your family.

My pediatrician is not concerned about my child’s development but I am. Can I still get a consultation or an evaluation?

Absolutely. At Starting Smart, we strongly believe that you know your child best and if you have concerns we are here to help. We can schedule a consultation or evaluation and then we will contact your pediatrician and get a prescription for physical therapy services.

My child goes to a daycare, will you work with them there?

We come to your home, your child’s daycare or we can meet at a park or play location. Our goal is to provide physical therapy that works best for your child and your family’s lifestyle.

Can we reschedule appointments?

Yes, we understand that life can be busy and unpredictable especially with children. We just ask that you contact us at least 24 hours in advance when possible to reschedule the appointment.